To Harris County Youth

Youth Ambassadors

Youth Ambassadors advocate for healthy changes where they learn, eat and play.  One student was recognized in September 2013 by the Susan and Michael Dell Center for Healthy Living as a Rising Star Award Finalist for promoting health living in her school.  This came with full sponsorship to attend the 2013 Southern Obesity Summit.  Additionally, HLM sponsored several youth to attend the 2013 Safe Routes to Schools conference so that they could see what other communities across the nation are doing to create opportunities for physical activity.

Ways to increase access to healthy foods and physical activity recommended by youth:

  • Regular crime patrol
  • Animal control
  • More options for healthy fruits and vegetables in school
  • More physical activity requirements for gym class
  • School gardens
  • Healthier foods at corner stores
  • Better sidewalks

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Caitlyn Floyd, a Healthy Living Matters Youth Ambassador, has committed to making healthy policy changes in the organizations she serves. Caitlyn sits on the Humble ISD Student Advisory Committee and works with school board members to influence district policies, including those that support healthy living. She is also a member of the Youth Police Advisory Council, a group of students who meet regularly with the Houston Chief of Police. Caitlyn has represented HLM at the Safe Routes to Schools Conference in Sacramento, CA, the Southern Obesity Summit in Nashville, TN and participated in a youth panel discussion for the Harris County Healthcare Alliance. Her work to improve access to healthy options earned her the Rising Star Finalist Award from the Michael and Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living. Caitlyn plans to study law and international business when she begins college. She plans to use what she’s learned through HLM to create policies in her home to ensure that her future children are given the opportunity to live active, healthy lives.