Resources for Policymakers

Healthy choices can only occur in a supportive environment with accessible healthy food options along with healthy community conditions, such as safe neighborhoods and clean parks. Legislative and regulatory policies, plans, and institutional policies exemplify policy areas that can influence the health of the  community.  As previously mentioned, HLM remained focused on policy strategies that were equitable, multi-jurisdictional, and fostered system and environmental change in order to:

  • Reach a larger number of people
  • Help standardize effective programs across multiple communities
  • Create change at a system level
  • Help to make the healthy choice the easy choice
  • Address needs within a community
  • Improve the overall health and safety for families

On this page, policymakers can access resources for policy recommendations that can help curb childhood obesity. Please support legislation, rules, regulation and local policy across many areas relevant to childhood obesity, including, but not limited to: nutrition, physical activity, health education, and community development.

Please read our Policy Actions and our Community Action Plan. These explain HLM’s plan along with the impetus for the goals listed.  If you have any questions at all or requests for specific information, feel free to contact us.


CDC – School-Based Obesity Prevention Strategies for State Policymakers

National Conference of State Legislators – Childhood Obesity: Update of Legislative Policy Options

Let’s Move! – 5 Simple Steps to Success for Mayors & Local Officials

American Academy of Pediatrics  – Policy Opportunities Tool

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation -  Health Policy: Childhood Obesity

Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living

Michael & Susan Dell Foundation: Childhood Health and Wellness

UTHealth, Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living: Child Obesity in Texas Fact Sheet