The Emotional Toll of Obesity 1

The Emotional Toll of Obesity
Posted on 10/29/2021
Emotional Toll

HLM Highlights: 
In addition to physical health outcomes, childhood obesity can negatively impact children’s emotional health.

Children as young as six years old can internalize social stigma around obesity. Studies show that kids even adopt the view that heavy children are less likable.

In general, children with obesity suffer from low self-esteem, low self-confidence, and body image issues. This is often worsened by teasing and bullying from their peers.

This often leads to loneliness, lack of belonging, and even clinical depression.

An unhealthy habit of seeking “emotional comfort in food” can also result, compounding the issue.

Throughout their lives, heavy kids often face discrimination due to their weight. This has been shown to factor into university admissions, job applications, as well as in social and romantic pursuits. 


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