Statewide competition sure to improve Texas in many ways

Statewide competition sure to improve Texas in many ways
Posted on 01/09/2017
Statewide competition sure to improve Texas in many ways

HOUSTON - Whether you know it or not, today is a big day across the state of Texas.

It's the kickoff of the fifth annual It's Time Texas Community Challenge, a 12-week competition between every city, town and village in the Lone Star State.It's a challenge Spring Branch Independent School District looks forward to every year.

“This challenge is transforming the state of Texas in general," said Samuel Karns, the advanced movers coordinator for Spring Branch ISD.

“That's a blended initiative with health, fitness and athletics," Karns said.

In other words, he works to spread the message of health and wellness within the district.

And the Community Challenge gives him the chance to expand that message's reach.

“It's not just the school preaching this, but it's also the families and the communities. Everywhere they're going, they're getting the same healthy messaging on what it means to be and live a healthy lifestyle,” Karns said.

So how does the challenge work?

“There are different entities in which you earn those points for your communities. So, for example, there's ones for schools and there are certain things that they do, where the principal will sign a pledge to create a healthier school, provide healthy messaging for the communities, the families," said Karns.

A point system means, yes, it's a competition and one way to get kids, or really anyone, moving is through competition.

“It does get a little competitive so we are looking to win it this year for our community," said Karns.

Even if they don't win, however, the positive impact will remain.

“I view it as a win-win for everybody, because everybody's getting an opportunity to take charge of their health," said Karns.

Every community throughout the state is included and by just signing up you will earn 1,000 points for your community.

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