Is Obesity a National Security Threat?

Is Obesity a National Security Threat?
Posted on 01/10/2019

HLM Highlights: 

According to a report released by Mission Readiness, obesity is the leading cause of ineligibility to serve in the military. The data shows that around 71% of young Americans are ineligible to serve. 

We know the adverse effects of childhood obesity. Chronic diease, heart disease, diabetes, joint problems, etc.

-Early childhood education programs are the key! Evidence-based early interventions that teach the importantnce of healthy eating and active living can stop obesity before it becomes a lifelong struggle. 

-Physical education in school matters. Tennessee passed recess legislation that requires 60 min of physical education per week. 

-Obesity is a non-partisan issue. We're talking about the health of our children and the long-term safety of our nation. 

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