Houston Organization Kicks Off One-Of-A-Kind Kids’ Health Program

Houston Organization Kicks Off One-Of-A-Kind Kids’ Health Program
Posted on 12/08/2014
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HOUSTON, Dec. 01 /CSRwire/ - Fly Movement, a kids’ wellness program that gives fitness bands to third graders, kicked off on October 27 at KIPP Dream Prep in Houston and is seeing its first signs of success. 

Fly Movement is a new kids’ fitness program that allows students an opportunity to reach a fitness goal through fun, rewarding team competition. Fly Movement provides easy-to-use Movable fitness trackers to classrooms over a period of six weeks. The fitness trackers record moves and steps for each team. Data retrieved for the first two weeks is the benchmark as the kids are not told they will have an opportunity to earn a prize if they earn more points than the other class. After the initial two weeks, the challenge is given to the students and they learn that the classroom that has the higher number of fitness moves at the end of the remaining four weeks will win a prize.   

Upon learning that there is a potential to win a prize, the 50 students at KIPP Dream Prep participating in the program increased their average daily moves 48 percent (8,341 average daily moves to 12,321) from the benchmark period to the first week of the competition. 

“Since joining the Fly Movement program, my classroom has been more eager to go outside and do more physical activities,” said Erick Huerta, third grade teacher at KIPP Dream Prep. “Even I have become more active in physical exercises due to the program.  I am also discovering that it is bringing my students’ families closer. I have parents joining their children in bike rides, jogs and other physical activities.” 

Fly Movement’s pioneering children’s health program gives students a sense of purpose for channeling their energy toward achievement of a goal. As a result, their fitness activity increases, which leads to many benefits that include longer attention spans, better cognitive function, better social skills, and a reduced chance of becoming overweight or obese.

Fly Movement is scheduled to launch into two additional Houston elementary schools in spring of 2015. The program is available for implementation for other Houston area elementary schools in the fall of 2015.  

About Fly Movement
Fly Movement believes that one of the best investments a community can make is to inspire children to be more active. By actively engaging and inspiring kids to be more active and competitive, they will develop virtues that will enable them to lead good lives. Fly Movement was founded by Eric Melchor, Evelyn Shu, and Ernesto Saldivar. To learn more, please visit Fly Movement online:

Website: www.fly-movement.com 
Twitter: @flymovement_org
Instagram: flymovementproject
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fitlifestylesforyouth