Caitlyn: Feedback on Safe Routes to Schools

Caitlyn: Feedback on Safe Routes to Schools conference
Posted on 08/15/2013

“The conference as a whole has been informative regarding bike/pedestrian safety. After visiting several seminars, ECO2 school leadership session struck a cord in me. Student led, the teachers engaged their peers in active transportation using incentives. Food, field trips, slow races and bike blenders! For example, during the winter months hot cocoa was rewarded to students who carpooled. Also walking and biking to school earned students free breakfast such as muffins or granola bars.

What really caught my attention was the bike field trip! Students took a 4 mile trip to a park where they engaged in a service learning project. This field trip encourages healthy living and community responsibility. My school would LOVE to do such a thing! My wellness teacher has been searching for more activities for the bicycles we earned last year. Quest is centered on service learning; the bike field trip would be awesome."