2018 Kids Count Data

2018 Kids Count Data
Posted on 07/05/2018
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HLM Highlights:

The Casey Foundation's 2018 Kids Count Data Book looks at child well-being in the United States. Specific factors that are exmanined include family stability and economic well-being, health, education and various community factors.

  • Texas Ranked 43rd overall, and 41st in Health
  • 22% of children live in poverty
  • 53% of children and teens are not exercising regularly
  • 25.6% of children are food insecure

Other Texas Stats:

  • 71% of fourth graders are not proficient in reading
  • 67% of eighth graders are not proficient in math

Read the full report and examine the Texas specific data here: http://www.aecf.org/resources/2018-kids-count-data-book/#state-rankings