Youth engagement is imperative to success of changing the status quo so that healthy living is the norm. In July 2016, both youth & HLM partners committed to a leadership or service role for a proposed HLM Youth Council, or hub for youth advocacy. Through youth engagement, HLM is better equipped to tackle grassroots level issues while providing youth the opportunity to expand their educational development and professional skills. As a volunteer action base, youth are the immediate force for change at the local level. 

HLM partners with youth serving organizations across Harris County to engage youth in Eat, Play, Learn. HLM partners help develop youth & connect them to established community leaders, policy makers and elected to advance the priorities of HLM. Through service and community projects, youth earn service hours and real-world experience that can be applied to their growing list of skills.

In March 2019, HLM hosted a youth visit to the state capitol to advocate for HLM policy priorities. 

For questions or to become a partner please contact [email protected]