Our Priority Communities

Healthy Living Matters is committed to reducing childhood obesity in our assessed priority communities. Currently our priority areas are the City of Pasadena and the Near Northside and Fifth Ward/Kashmere Gardens areas in the City of Houston. HLM continues to create partnerships and build our knowledge base in these areas while working with organizations and individuals at the local level. Our partners extend from non-profits to community leaders to local business owners who all see a need to improve the health and well-being of residents.

HLM is excited to partner with individuals and organizations that can work at the community level in order to create healthy changes within our priority communities. HLM is ready to assist those who are dedicated to our policy priorities. Join our movement, participate in events, and make changes to help curb the rate of childhood obesity.  


If you belong to an organization or if you are an individual who would like to get involved then please contact [email protected].