In response to the growing epidemic of obesity among children in the Houston/Harris County, Texas area, Healthy Living Matters (HLM) was created in 2011 with funding from the Houston Endowment. Harris County Public Health (HCPH) provides project oversight and serves as the fiscal agent.

Healthy Living Matters is a “Collaborative” of multi-sector leaders, made up of of over 80 organizations and 110 individuals, that promote policy aimed at system-level and environmental change to reduce the incidence of childhood obesity. Our collaborative members and partners often serve as champions to maximize the visibility of childhood obesity, of HLM’s policy solutions, and of HLM’s work overall. It is in this way that HLM has been able to mobilize the broader community for action. 

The initial project planning phase ran from November 2011 to January 2014, where the HLM Collaborative partners (a local private-public partnership) engaged in a two-year, multi-sector planning initiative to mobilize policy action directed towards system and environmental change

Over a period of two years and as a result of funding from the Houston Endowment, the Healthy Living Matters team was able to:

-Conduct an assessment of food access and built environment within Houston/Harris County

-Provide learning opportunities related to childhood obesity, its impact on the community, and policy strategies to address it

-Scanned and monitored federal, state and local policy trends and developments

-Identified local issues and prioritized policies that have an impact on childhood obesity

-Developed a Community Action Plan, which serves as a road map for policy implementation

Healthy Living Matters works to enact policies at the community, county, and state levels that make healthy eating and physical activity the “easy” choice for Harris County children and families, thereby helping to reverse the obesity trend. 


For questions, contact info@healthylivingmatters.net